50 Ways I Appreciate the Little Things in Life


  1. A caffeinated mug of coffee in the morning.
  2. A piping hot cup of tea before bed.
  3. Music that gets me.
  4. Reading on a park bench in the sunshine.
  5. Talking to my dog even if she doesn’t understand a word I’m saying.
  6. Sketching and painting into the late hours of the night, immersed in a world of song lyrics and my own thoughts.
  7. Talking to strangers in line or at venues.
  8. Wearing sundresses and sipping sangria.
  9. Looking up at the stars and realizing how absolutely beautiful and infinite the universe is.
  10. Laughing so hard, I feel like I’m going to die.
  11. Singing my lungs out in the car on my way home from work and not giving a damn how terrible of a singer I am.
  12. Smiling back at myself in the mirror.
  13. Philosophical conversations with anyone equally as curious about the world around us and our role in it.
  14. Distance running and not giving up when it gets tough.
  15. Daydreaming about the future and reminiscing in the past.
  16. Getting lost in the pages of my novel.
  17. The first bite of a piece of cheesecake.
  18. Going to bed knowing I get to sleep in.
  19. Hiking with friends.
  20. Learning or writing a song on the ukulele and not sounding too terrible.
  21. Family game nights.
  22. Long conversations on the phone with my mom.
  23. Long conversations before bed with my twin sister.
  24. Trading a bag of chips for an apple.
  25. Avocados. In a salad. On toast. On the ground. I will eat it.
  26. Books that touch my soul.
  27. Taking my socks off after a long day of work.
  28. Clothes I feel comfortable in.
  29. Having a few drinks, but not overdoing it.
  30. Watching sunlight filter through the trees.
  31. The sight of a burning pink, yellow, and lavender sunset.
  32. Cooking a well-balanced meal.
  33. Long walks with my dog.
  34. Reconnecting with old friends and feeling like they never left.
  35. Finding something I lost while looking for something else.
  36. Watching kids ride their bikes rather than ride the wave of social media.
  37. Making myself laugh (usually through the method of telling a pun or coming across a really terrible one).
  38. Waking up from a really good dream and still remembering it.
  39. Dancing in front of my mirror with a range of poorly replicated dance moves from Jennifer Lopez to Michael Jackson.
  40. Hearing a song, nodding, and saying to myself (or, hell, maybe out loud), “Aw, yeah. This is my jam.”
  41. Warm summer nights.
  42. Watching a butterfly flutter across a field of dandelions.
  43. Hot apple cider to warm my hands in autumn.
  44. Hot chocolate with little marshmallows after hours spent in the snow.
  45. Spontaneous trips.
  46. The first snowfall.
  47. White roses and white lilies.
  48. Inhaling the scent of cinnamon or vanilla.
  49. Telling myself I am beautiful and actually believing it.
  50. Embracing change rather than resisting it.

I’ll likely be adding more to this list as I go. But there you have it! Above are 50 ways I appreciate the little things in my life. Creating this list has made me realize just how much the root of my happiness stems from “the little things in life.”

How about you? Do you think you can come up with a minimum of 50 little things that contribute to your happiness and that you truly appreciate (big or small) in your life? If you do decide to undertake this little challenge of mine, I’d love to know what’s on your list!

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